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Beeswax Works Wholesale

Welcome Wholesale Partners.

Get ready to experience our newest beeswax candle collections.

To explore our wholesale shop please enter the Beeswax Works Wholesale shop password provided to you by our management team.

If you need assistance recalling our wholesale login, or would like to request information to become a Beeswax Works Wholesale partner, please contact us with the form below for more details.

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Wholesale Partnership

We are thrilled to offer our traditional handcrafted pure Canadian beeswax candles at various retail locations across Canada (including British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and Yukon Territories) and the United States.

We offer our Beeswax Works branded candles in the following collections; Decorated Candles, Hand Dipped Tapers, Hand Poured Pillars, Seasonal Candles, Tea Lights and Votives, and Bulk Beeswax options.

Our Beeswax Works brand traditionally pairs very well with boutique shops, home and decor stores, yoga studios, and hospitality locations.

As we grow our product reach, we're actively looking to expand into additional market segments (wedding and florist opportunities), as well as working with supportive distributors that fit well with our brand of 2 ingredient beeswax candles.

Commitment to Quality

Established in 1994, Beeswax Works is a small-batch candle company based in Revelstoke, British Columbia. Our dedication to producing high-quality candles is reflected in our thoughtful and artisanal approach.

While we retail our candles through various channels, including online platforms, farmer's markets, and artisan fairs, we also welcome wholesale partnerships with retailers and distributors who appreciate the value of our traditional handcrafted products.

Wholesale Enquiries

Wholesale Terms

Beeswax Works Wholesale offers competitive tiered wholesale prices based on initial and annual order minimums, with additional incentives for large order purchases, including flat rate shipping, and free shipping options.

Our tiered wholesale pricing works to accommodate small businesses, up to large retailers with volume discount pricing reflective of order values.

We aim to build long-term business relationships with our wholesale partners supplying product quality and service reliability they can depend on.

Money Back Guarantee

Beeswax Works stands behind its products and offers a money back guarantee to ensure our customer's satisfaction.

Beeswax Works Wholesale

If you would like to join our team of wholesale partners, please use the contact form above to connect with us. Remember to include the nature of your inquiry and a little about your business.

We will follow up by email with our detailed Wholesale Terms, and a Wholesale Shop login.

Thank you for your interest in Beeswax Works Wholesale.